“Dr. Thistle has been a featured speaker at WFC Congresses and Education Conferences for several years. He has delivered excellent presentations on various topics related to safety in chiropractic, the care of older persons, and the delivery and content of continuous professional education.

I recommend RRS Education to access highly relevant and applicable information to facilitate continuing professional development and evidence-based, people-centred care.”

Professor Richard Brown DC, LL.M, FRCC, FICC, FEAC, FBCA, FAECC / Secretary-General, World Federation of Chiropractic

Richard Brown

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“Once again, a slam dunk for Dr. Thistle and his latest E-Seminar. ‘Older & Bolder: Chiropractic Care for Healthy Aging’ is an engaging, informative, high-quality presentation which provides clinical insight and wisdom for those of us in the trenches. Proud of your professionalism and commitment to our profession in Canada. Thanks for the audible guffaws from your blooper section!”

Dr. Judy Forrester / Chair, CCA Board

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Dr. Shawn Thistle

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I am a chiropractor, entrepreneur, educator, speaker, medicolegal consultant, knowledge transfer and thought leader in chiropractic. My aim has always been to deliver rational, clinically relevant information in multiple formats to suit the needs of busy clinicians!

My goal is to help practicing clinicians achieve theirs!

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