I am a chiropractor, entrepreneur, educator, international conference speaker, medicolegal consultant, knowledge transfer and thought leader in chiropractic.

My aim has always been to deliver rational, clinically relevant information in multiple formats to suit the needs of busy chiropractors and other musculoskeletal experts!

My goal is to help practicing clinicians achieve theirs!

In 1996, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Then I attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto, graduating magna cum laude with clinic honours in 2004. I also obtained my medical acupuncture qualification from McMaster University in 2004.

During my chiropractic education, I became interested in research, specifically how research could inform safe and effective chiropractic care. As a student, I spent hours reading the latest research papers and began writing short summaries and sharing them with my classmates (and then eventually most of the students and faculty at CMCC!)  …this was a sign of things to come!

Dr. Shawn Thistle

Upon graduation from CMCC, I was conflicted between heading into clinical practice and pursuing formal research training. After consulting some of the biggest names in chiropractic research, I followed their advice and dove into practice first (as they all did). I became a clinic director at a busy, multidisciplinary clinic in downtown Toronto, Canada, where I was fortunate to work with a dedicated team of health professionals, including chiropractors, physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, nutritionists and strength and conditioning specialists.

I enjoyed treating a fantastic, diverse, and exciting patient base – many busy entrepreneurs, finance professionals, lawyers, and athletes (from weekend warriors to pros). In general, a very active and engaged group of people to work with!

As my practice grew, my research interest remained omnipresent, and I was always in the literature, seeing what the latest papers had to say. This is when I formalized my hobby and launched a subscription-based service where I provided a new research review each week. I originally called it Research Review Service, and the company is now known as RRS Education. Since 2006, I have been a trusted source of chiropractic evidence-based learning solutions for my colleagues worldwide.

My aim has always been to deliver rational, clinically relevant information in multiple formats to suit the needs of busy clinicians!

My favourite professional activities are speaking at conferences, association meetings, and continuing education events. This has been a natural extension of what I was doing with our weekly Research Reviews; honestly, it is what I do best!  Book Shawn for your event…..

For more than a decade, I’ve been extremely fortunate to travel across my home country of Canada and worldwide, to deliver clinical presentations on a wide variety of topics as well as entertaining and inspiring keynote talks, while connecting with many colleagues as I hone this part of my craft.

As RRS Education grew and my travel schedule matured, I realized that full-time practice was no longer possible. In 2016, I left my practice to focus on helping my colleagues achieve their goals. I still see some private patients, though, as I know that helps me stay connected to the realities of clinical practice.

In addition to running RRS Education, I have been able to give back to my profession by supporting organizations like World Spine Care and the World Federation of Chiropractic. I also provide free access to our Research Reviews for all chiropractic students and faculty globally. At home in Canada, I am proud to serve on the Guideline Executive Committee for the Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative and the Research Committee for the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation.

One of my close friends and mentors refers to me as a ‘hybrid’ in chiropractic because I enjoy a variety of roles within our great profession. I am indeed grateful for the trust granted to me and the responsibilities I have in all aspects of my career. My workdays are filled with reading research papers, curating too many slide decks to count, creating chiropractic educational content, consulting on various projects and initiatives, and providing expert reports on chiropractic malpractice cases.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife Katie and our three sons (Calvin, Everett and Keegan), exercising, meditating, cooking, listening to podcasts, and occasionally reading things that aren’t research papers!


  • Honours Degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Kinesiology from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario) – 2000
  • Doctor of Chiropractic (Magna Cum Laude & Clinic Honours) from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (Toronto, Ontario) – 2004
  • Certificate in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario) – 2004

Current Additional Roles

  • Guideline Executive Committee Member: Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative (CCGI)
  • Research Committee Member: Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF)
  • Medicolegal Expert/Consultant: more information
  • Part-time faculty: Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC)

Notable Awards

2019 Chiropractor of the Year / Ontario Chiropractic Association
Presented in recognition of his advancement of Chiropractic in Ontario through leadership, innovation and dedicated service.

2017 Dr. Michael Brickman Heart & Hands Award / Ontario Chiropractic Association
Honouring the memory of Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) Board Director Dr. Michael Brickman, this prestigious award is presented to the doctor who best embodies a generous and giving spirit with a remarkable passion and dedication to the precepts of chiropractic.

Nominated and selected by the membership, the recipient is a chiropractor who has been an OCA member for at least ten years and has made a tremendous impact through selfless devotion to patient treatment. This individual has earned the respect of their peers by contributing to both the practice and reputation of chiropractic.

Notable Awards

2019 Chiropractor of the Year / Ontario Chiropractic Association
Presented in recognition of his advancement of Chiropractic in Ontario through leadership, innovation and dedicated service.

2017 Dr. Michael Brickman Heart & Hands Award / Ontario Chiropractic Association
Honouring the memory of Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) Board Director Dr. Michael Brickman, this prestigious award is presented to the doctor who best embodies a generous and giving spirit with a remarkable passion and dedication to the precepts of chiropractic.

Nominated and selected by the membership, the recipient is a chiropractor who has been an OCA member for at least ten years and has made a tremendous impact through selfless devotion to patient treatment. This individual has earned the respect of their peers by contributing to both the practice and reputation of chiropractic.

Notable Awards

2019 Chiropractor of the Year / Ontario Chiropractic Association
Presented in recognition of his advancement of Chiropractic in Ontario through leadership, innovation and dedicated service.

2017 Dr. Michael Brickman Heart & Hands Award / Ontario Chiropractic Association
Honouring the memory of Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) Board Director Dr. Michael Brickman, this prestigious award is presented to the doctor who best embodies a generous and giving spirit with a remarkable passion and dedication to the precepts of chiropractic.

Nominated and selected by the membership, the recipient is a chiropractor who has been an OCA member for at least ten years and has made a tremendous impact through selfless devotion to patient treatment. This individual has earned the respect of their peers by contributing to both the practice and reputation of chiropractic.

Ways to Engage


  • A globally trusted source of evidence-based chiropractic continuing-education
  • Clinically-relevant content


  • Highly sought after conference speaker
  • Clinical topics and entertaining, insightful keynotes


Medical / Legal Consultant

  • Trusted expert reporting for chiropractic malpractice cases

Dr. Thistle specializes in legal matters involving chiropractors and provides clear, concise, evidence-based expert reports to assist the court. Reports can be prepared for:

  • Defendants (normally the doctor)
  • Plaintiffs (normally the patient)
  • Insurance companies
  • Lawyers or law firms
  • Relevant third parties


  • Objective, unbiased case evaluation regarding chiropractic standard of care, causation, malpractice or personal injury
  • Comprehensive, clear, professional expert reporting, supported by reference to the best current scientific research
  • Outstanding testimony and communication skills
  • Prompt communication, file review and report generation

Contact Dr. Thistle directly on

Research Consultant

  • Research summaries for clinicians, association and third parties
  • Recent publication (open access paper): BMC
    ‘Developing key performance indicators for the Canadian chiropractic profession: a modified Delphi study’ – Marc-André Blanchette, Silvano Mior, Shawn Thistle & Kent Stuber
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    Research Reviews

    Dr. Geoff Gamble – Niagara Health & Rehab Centre

    I have been an RRS subscriber for many years now. As my practice has grown and life has become busier, I have found it to be an invaluable service for keeping up to date on new trends in manual medicine. Thanks for all your efforts.

    Dr. Isaac Cristoveanu – Holistic Clinic Ottawa

    The Research Reviews and Online Courses are great. They are an excellent source of information for practitioners. Having readily digestible, practically oriented research is key to keeping our diagnosis and treatment protocols current. Thanks very much for this.

    Thank you! I LOVE the resource and only wish I’d subscribed earlier. Good work providing the profession with an easy way to stay current on what research is finding. It reflects positively on us as professionals to be able to cite literature that impacts our patients. I felt like I was in way over my head, didn’t know where to start, what to read and how to keep up! Your service has completely changed that! Good work!

    Dr. Kerri Brooker – Team Chiro

    These Research Reviews are great! I can’t believe it took me so long to subscribe. They are so relevant to everything I do in clinic. Each one I have listened to so far has a practical message that I can take back to the clinic and improve my patient care. I particularly like the audio format as I can listen to it when I drive to work every morning. Every clinician in musculoskeletal practice needs to be listening to these reviews. Keep up the great work. Thank you!
    Dr. Stefan Eberspaecher
    Clinical Coordinator for the Botswana Spine Care Program

    Thanks for all the information you provide on RRS. I find the weekly reviews help to keep me informed. The courses are great too, especially since family obligations make it more difficult to attend seminars and courses in person as I used to like to do. I continually hear from patients that they like my approach as I am constantly talking about what the research tells us, providing evidence-based exercises and advice for home and work, and my treatments incorporate so much more than just ‘an adjustment’. Much appreciated! I mention your service to as many of my Australian colleagues as I can. Please keep up the great work!
    Dr. Alison Leitch

    Nicely done! The reports are a bit more detailed than I have seen others offer, and from what I can tell, they seem prudent and well considered. This is no small thing – too many secondary source sites seem to provide short and not all that informative reports, and some have significant biases. I see that the bias, if that is the correct term here, is simply to present best evidence and not to slant conclusions toward some preconceived stance. This is very good. So, long story short, it’s well done. Congrats to you for that.
    Dr. Dana J. Lawrence
    Parker University

    Your article on ‘Low Back Pain – A Contemporary Healthcare Crisis’ made me proud of (what) our profession (can be). As a member of CMCC’s Board of Governors it is my duty to see that our Vision (to be an academic institution recognized for creating leaders in spinal health) is fulfilled. The approach to practice that you espouse is perfectly in line with the ethic that properly garners the cultural authority to be leaders in spinal health. I sincerely hope that your voice rings out beyond the circle of “informed” practitioners to educate both the outliers in our profession as well as the many stakeholders who stand to gain from chiropractic establishing its rightful place in the health care community. Thank you.
    Dr. David Gryfe
    Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada)

    I wanted to send a thank you for the service. The ability to review pertinent MSK research quickly and efficiently with a clinical applicability synopsis is invaluable. Keep up the great work!
    Dr. Agostino Di Paolo
    Vaughan Spine & Sport Therapy

    After earning an evidence-based education at CMCC, I was determined to keep current on research once I began to practice. However, it was not as easy as I had originally anticipated. The only access I had to journals was through CMCC – and I did not have as much time to read as I thought I would once my schedule became busy.

    Dr. Shawn Thistle has created wonderful venues for chiropractors and physiotherapists to gain up-to-date information without having to do tedious database searching or analysis of the research being reported. He provides a ‘Coles Notes’ service of research so that even the busiest of practitioners can benefit.

    Recently I also had the pleasure of taking a seminar with him on current low back pain guidelines. It was one of the most enjoyable seminar experiences I have had in some time. Not only was the content just what I was looking for, but the food he offered us was far superior to any other course I have taken. I highly recommend attending one of his seminars! Thank you, Shawn! I look forward to your cervical seminar next year!
    Dr. Beth Douglas

    Dr. Thistle is a gifted presenter with a sense of humor. I have heard him speak when presenting on the highly respected Research Review Service Inc. he developed in 2006 and also at a presentation on ‘Hip Mobility for Spine Sparing’. However, I am sure he could choose any subject from his RRS literature and come up with an excellent, thought-provoking lecture.

    He uses only the most up-to-date, quality research to support his lectures and gently but effectively encourages practitioners to question their existing treatment protocols. By describing the shortcomings of available literature, Dr. Thistle tells us how to become more selective regarding references we use to support our clinical procedures, ensuring that we are more accountable and ultimately more respected by both patients and other healthcare practitioners. His lectures are easy to follow and full of interventions and up-to-date procedures we can ‘use on Monday’. Above all, he never uses ‘belief systems’ to support his lectures. You can be sure that anything you are told in a lecture by Dr. Thistle has been thoroughly researched. He really makes us think about why we do what we do.
    Dr. Jan Krir
    United Kingdom

    I had an odd day in my practice yesterday…3 different patients in a row presented with different TMJ dysfunction. I have a clinical interest in TMJ, so I was excited for the challenge and when I woke this morning to find that the Research Review for this week was TMJ I was cautiously optimistic. I didn’t need reassurance that intra-oral techniques are affective for TMJ treatment, but when I got halfway through reading the article I thought, they never give enough information about specific techniques used.

    So, I was pleasantly surprised to not only find that they were detailed, but there were pictures! Thanks, you made my day! And I have added 2 new exercises to my technique tool bag for TMJ treatment that I will be implementing today for my patients. I love it when research helps me do more for my patients today. Thanks for the great review.
    Dr. Spencer Devenney

    I’ve always found the reviews on RRS helpful and great reads as the authors never fail to highlight the important ‘take-home’ message, while also ensuring to keep the reader grounded by mentioning the weaknesses of the study design. I really hope everyone recognizes the scale of this opportunity and takes advantage of it. I can say that one of the things that separates a great practitioner from a good one is being current and on top of the research to provide patients with the best clinical practice methods possible – RRS gives you this opportunity on a silver platter. We are no good to our patients by worshiping the past, we need to stay informed and embrace the present and future.
    Dr. Aaron Pereira

    Shawn brings us, a vision of what this profession can be. He gives an honest portrayal of where we are strong, where we are weak, and where we must go.
    Dr. Ward MacDonald
    Past President, Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors

    I have established new relationships with medical physicians in my area by providing them with information I have learned from your site. Fantastic stuff. Keep up the good work.
    Dr. Brian Graham
    Seattle WA
    Graham Rehabilitation & Wellness Centre

    If you have ever said to yourself that you would love to read current research but don’t have the time, Dr. Thistle’s Research Reviews are for you. The weekly reviews are easy to read and brief, without leaving out relevant information. I particularly enjoy how all articles are very neatly archived by subject.
    Dr. Jeff Marshall
    Back Home Chiropractic – Acupuncture

    Being in full time practice, RRS has been a very quick and convenient way to not only keep up with the latest research, but to also continually review valuable forgotten knowledge. Consequently, my patient care continues to improve and my success as a Chiropractor continues to grow. Thanks!
    Dr. Karim Riskallah
    Toronto ON

    Really enjoy the work and effort you put into this site and hope you will continue! I like the fact that I can read reviews on my own time and in the quiet of my home.
    Dr. Greg Swenarchuk

    A great service! I don’t always have the time to search out and sift through the research. Thanks for doing the work for me. I really look forward to each new article. Thanks Shawn!
    Dr. Alev Toran
    New York

    Research Review Service is a useful time management tool for the professional interested in keeping abreast of new research with limited time investment.
    Dr. Robert Bailey

    RRS is a great service. Finding time to stay current in the literature is often challenging. RRS does the leg work for you, and presents the information in a logical, readily available format. It’s well worth the price of admission.
    Dr. Kurt A. Strecker
    Old Saybrook, CT

    Research Review Service has been an excellent way to stay up to date with current research and recommendations for care. The summaries are straight forward and to the point, making it easy to absorb the information and implement it. With this type of service there is no excuse for not staying educated in the latest research in our profession.
    Dr. Franco Vincelli
    Active Health Institute

    C’est le meilleur moyen que j’ai trouvé pour me tenir à jour dans la littérature scientifique. En plus, c’est facile et bien résumé!
    It’s the best way I found to stay up to date with the literature. And it’s easy to use and concise.
    Dre Annie Gagné

    The review of current literature is essential to staying on the cutting edge. With 100’s of publications coming out monthly this can be a daunting task; the Research Review Service does an excellent job of finding research that is not only relevant to clinical practice but essential to growth of the practicing Doctor…I would highly recommend this service to any practitioner in the musculoskeletal world.
    Dr. Michael Maxwell
    Victoria BC

    RRS is an excellent, up to date and effortless way to keep updated on important issues within the field of chiropractic. After 6 years of university study, always presented with the latest material, suddenly keeping updated took much more effort, and frankly, I did not bother up until I found RRS. On several occasions I have used the material presented in clinic the same week I read it.
    Dr. T. Thomassen

    As a fellow of the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists, I need to stay abreast of the latest research and evidence-based treatment options. Your reviews cover a wide range of journals and topics. The concise format makes getting the highlights quick. The summation helps relate the findings to everyday practice. Thanks for the searchable database as well.
    Dr. William R. Johnson
    Fort Oglethorpe GA

    I’m enjoying your service immensely. I’m certain you’ve heard similar feedback already, but I really appreciate having quality information summarized and presented in such a readable and user- friendly fashion.
    Dr. Clara Leung
    Toronto ON

    I enjoy the service very much. The writing is clear, complete and efficient. I am busy trying to juggle being chiropractor, business owner and mother to an infant (not necessarily in that order) and the service helps me feel like I’m attending to being a chiropractor more, without taking away extra time from being a mother.
    Dr. Wendy Martin
    Toronto ON

    I have been using Research Review Service since its inception. The wealth of knowledge offered over many rehabilitation fields is commendable. I know of no other such service that can match its quality and accuracy. I have come to depend on the weekly updates to keep me current and to offer new approaches to my clients. Keep up the good work!
    Dr. Bryan DiFrancesco
    Hamilton ON
    Active Body Clinic


    Dr. Paul Catania – London ON

    Dr. Thistle and Dr. Wang have have brought e-learning to the next level with their presentation of “The Science of the Chiropractic adjustment: Have we Cracked the Code?” From scientifically demonstrating the age old question of “what makes that popping sound”, to which segments of the spine are actually moving during an adjustment, this e-seminar is both entertaining and will prove valuable during your next patient’s adjustment. Extremely well executed Drs. Shawn and Simon!

    Dr. Dean Cartwright – Mitchell ON

    (Re: “The Science of the Chiropractic Adjustment) Thank you for taking the time and effort to put this excellent E-Seminar together. I learned a great deal, and the material was presented in a way that was easy to follow. I very much enjoyed this module. Well done Dr. Thistle and Dr. Wang!!

    In my 25 years of practice, I would say that this course is the best CE course I have ever had the privilege of taking! Thanks for making it informative and bringing me up to date on the relevant emerging literature.
    Dr. Jeffrey Tuling
    Stratford ON

    Thank you, Shawn for a quality educational and enlightening E-Seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed and found the seminar presentation and platform easy to navigate whenever my time permitted. Looking forward to your future endeavours. Keep up the good work!
    Dr. John Brooksbank Chiropractic Health Care Centre

    RRS Educations “Older & Bolder: Chiropractic Care for Healthy Aging” is an extensively researched, comprehensive, and detailed presentation that is timely and extremely polished. Highly recommended!
    Dr. Gavin Steciuk

    Once again, a slam dunk for Dr. Thistle and his RRS e-seminar. An engaging, informative, high-quality presentation that provides clinical insight and wisdom for those of us in the trenches. Proud of your professionalism and commitment to our profession in Canada. Thanks for the audible guffaws from your blooper section!
    Dr. Judy Forrester
    Chair, CCA Board
    Synergea Family Health Centre

    Just listened to the Intro & Section #1 of your “Older & Bolder” E-seminar. You are truly an amazing presenter & diligent fact finder. A real pleasure to listen to someone who speaks so well / clearly & does such a great job of organizing the topic(s) being discussed, plus definitely interesting material. Am excited to listen to the rest of the course. Thank you so much for what you do!
    Dr. David J. Matheson
    Matheson Chiropractic

    Several weeks after I had watched the stroke portion of “Chiropractic Check Up from the Neck Up”, one of my patients presented for an assessment of vertigo. I am beyond grateful I had so recently taken this course. It gave me the knowledge and skills to confidently recognize, assess, and appropriately handle an arterial condition that presented with stroke-like symptoms. The skills I obtained from this course helped prevent possibly devastating consequences for my patient, and for me and my practice. Many thanks to Dr. Thistle and the RRS Education team for the exceptional quality of educational resources they provide to our profession.”
    Dr. Erin Dashney
    Dundas ON
    The Health Centre Dundas

    It is always a pleasure to hear Shawn speak. He is engaging and relevant to everyday practice. I particularly appreciate his editorial clinical experience and opinions even if they did not necessarily jive with the research. Sometimes what we know to be effective in the clinic takes longer to be accepted by the research community, but perhaps this is how some research is started. I do prefer in person seminars as they are interactive and gets us out of the house so to speak, but this format definitely has advantages. To be able to come and go, rewind and review and rest as you need is a real great thing. As a rural practitioner this format is very practical and eliminates long travel and accommodation needs. The quality of this seminar easily compares to Shawn’s live events and you will be way more likely to review this material than just a pile of handouts.
    Dr. Rick Smith
    Creston BC

    Dr. Thistle continues to accurately provide excellent up-to-date information on various topics. The timing of this seminar happened to fit very well as I was dealing with a vertigo patient. It is important to have excellent refreshing seminars because you may never know who will walk through your doors!
    Dr. Terah Wong
    Total Rehabilitation & Chiropractic Care

    Dr. Thistle is an excellent presenter. I enjoyed this, my first E-Seminar. I will be doing more as it is a very convenient way of learning. It also fits well with my busy practice, not to mention the down time it saves driving and the hotel expenses. Thank you!
    Dr. Suzanne L. Brown

    I have been in practice for 22 years and have always kept up on CE. I have attended various workshops/seminars on similar subject material. Having you present this content using all the available research lends significant credibility to the subject matter. It also gives me tremendous confidence in incorporating this information into my practice and when discussing the current literature with my MD colleagues and other allied health practitioners.
    Dr. Christopher Tousignant
    Fairview Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Clinic

    As a clinician who runs a multi-disciplinary clinic, I can always count on Dr. Thistle to expand my knowledge and skills in the most important areas of practice and fill the gaps. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every seminar. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks again!
    Dr. Fabio Di Stefano

    Well done, Shawn! The “Chiropractic Checkup from the Neck Up” program delivered more clinical value than expected. If I take a course and learn one thing that I can use in practice right away, I’m happy. In this course, I learned six new applicable things just in the first section. The Treatment Consideration section is very well explained and easily implemented into practice. My understanding of stroke risk and what to looking for in practice has changed.”
    Dr. Rory Turner
    Ottawa’s Concussion Treatment Centre

    Great online course…one of the better ones that I’ve done in a long time. Given the material is so relevant and pertinent to our profession and the health care industry, I strongly recommend the course. Clear, concise, informative, and provides many take-home tools that you can use in your practice. I enjoyed the course so much I found myself home on Friday night completing sections and then again Saturday morning right back at it. Looking forward to the next series of seminars. Keep up the good work.”
    Comment on feedback form

    I always feel better after attending a RRS Education course. I’m up to date and providing the best care to my patients based on my clinical experience AND the most up to date research. With a busy practise and family life, it would be impossible for me to evaluate the droves of studies that come out. Great job!
    Dr. Shawna Green
    Back To Health London

    I had the pleasure of having Dr. Shawn Thistle as one of the regular guest instructors during my time at CMCC. During my time there, I learned a great deal from him, and I always found his approach very impactful in my chiropractic journey. Not surprisingly, when I found out that he had released an E-Seminar format, I was all in. Dr. Thistle’s systematic, evidence-based, and thorough approach to head and neck injuries was a very helpful review and I also gained a lot more insight into how to diagnose and manage these conditions. Additionally, he is very interesting and captivating to listen to! I look forward to new seminars that will be coming down the pipe in near future!
    Dr. Baxter Hickey
    Encompass Sports Therapy

    Truly an amazing & humbling experience!! Very well-orchestrated & presented. A veritable plethora of new information for me (I graduated in 1977), forcing me to realize that I am for the most part (as are probably most practitioners), sadly out of date with some of the current knowledge relative to the more serious aspects of practice. This course was much more intense than the CCO video/ test we get each year & provided me with far more important information to take back & try to incorporate in my patient assessment procedures.
    Comment on feedback form

    This was my first e-seminar. I am 25 years in practice. I am not the most ‘savvy’ with tech, but really enjoyed working through this lecture series with the ability to step away/return at my own pace and schedule. Although sobering at times with admission of lack of evidence, Dr. Thistle presents the information coherently, concisely, and with a hint of humility. We need more of this type of seminar, especially to change or tailor our clinical skills as research emerges.
    Comment on feedback form

    This online program was phenomenal! Dr. Shawn Thistle created a program where his presentation style, quality of information, level of detail, and clinical applications were all excellent! I was extremely impressed!
    Comment on feedback form

    Great instructional design and delivery, including reinforcement of content throughout. Thorough review of the most up-to-date literature with balanced commentary and ties to relevance for the everyday chiropractor.
    Comment on feedback form

    The style of presentation was great. The level of detail was perfect. Enough information to get the ideas, but not so much as to be boring or pedantic. Outlines the necessary knowledge and gives the references for further study. I particularly liked the consistent relation of the research and science to clinical application. Everything that was discussed is directly relatable to practice the next day and going forward. The mix of the speaker and the slides was good. The images, diagrams, charts, etc. were fantastic. Very clear, topic specific and high quality.
    Comment on feedback form

    For an online format, this course was great! Well-presented and very applicable. I have changed my Initial assessment templates to reflect some of issues discussed. For many of these conditions I am applying very similar treatment modalities but have forgotten a few along the way (concussion and cervicogenic dizziness in particular). The Stroke section is a must for all chiros!
    Comment on feedback form

    Dr. Thistle was professional, polite, poised, sincere, patient, hugely informed, well-paced, calm, and grounded. I felt proud that he was from Toronto, home grown, CMCC alumni and so dedicated to the current cutting-edge research. I am blessed to have this amazing platform after 25 years in this profession, and to learn relevant, modern, hugely interesting content. I was impressed with the quality, the crystal-clear simplicity of delivery, the immense effort from him alone, and the approach. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this stimulating and so relevant when I return to my next business day.
    Comment on feedback form

    Loved this course. The information provided was very relevant and easily presented in an easy to follow, clear manner and I really appreciated the breaks in between segments. It was easy to start and stop the course which was an attractive factor seeing as it can sometimes be hard to get a dedicated amount of time to set aside to finish a course in one sitting. I really appreciated the clinical vignettes at the end, the demonstration videos and the quizzes to integrate all the knowledge presented. I was able to apply a lot of the information right away in practice and it renewed some confidence in myself as a practitioner to manage the various clinical diagnoses presented. I liked the up-to-date research and that the information was presented in a concise, easy-to-follow manner. It was good to also follow along with the PDF slides to add in any notes that would be helpful to refer to later.
    Comment on feedback form

    I had a fantastic time going through the content in this program. Even though I just graduated in June 2019, I found it very beneficial to review these topics as well as hearing about the most up-to-date research. Also, the FAQ’s at the end of each section was great to have and typically, they answered questions that I did have.
    Comment on feedback form

    The content and presentation were excellent, which we’ve become accustomed to with Shawn’s seminars. The depth of information was appropriate as well as the level of detail without making you roll your eyes. I particularly enjoyed the presentation style with Shawn talking and the slides provided.
    Comment on feedback form

    A tremendous learning experience. The quantity of information presented seemed like a lot at times, but it helped to ensure the overall quality of said information. Presentation style was very well done, easy to follow & with enough visual slides to keep the viewer engaged. The level of detail seemed high but was necessary for the viewer to feel comfortable bringing this knowledge into a clinical setting. Finally, all the research provided gave this viewer a strong sense of being ‘informed’ which can only help in professional practice.
    Comment on feedback form

    I have taken your in-class courses before, and this was just as incredible. Excellent work Shawn and thank you for doing this virtually!
    Comment on feedback form

    I found that every aspect of this E-Seminar was excellent. The pace of the presentation was spot on, the sound and video quality were top-notch and the material was not only educational but also highly useful for the next morning in clinic. Definitely the best continuing education seminar that I have taken. Thank you so much!
    Comment on feedback form

    Online Courses

    Dr. Christopher Hankins – Bridgeland Sport & Spine

    Good work on the whole program. In my opinion these courses should be required for license renewal, not just an option.

    Dr. Rob Allaby – Moncton NB

    These CE courses that Dr. Thistle does are great for us out East. We have very limited access to CE seminars etc., especially those which are research based. So, I expect I will be doing many of these in future.

    I’ve found the Online Courses very helpful this year in getting my CPD reading done well in advance of our UK deadline – thank you, it’s a very good service and the Research Reviews are relevant to our work.
    Dr. Elizabeth Andrews

    I just completed 2 bundles of your online courses and I wanted to commend you and your review team for creating such high quality, well organized and clinically applicable online training! I really admire your attention to detail; relevancy and I particularly appreciated the editorial comments with each review. There were several times where I was thinking, “But the researchers didn’t take this into account and that’s not what I have observed in my practice over the years” and then I would read a bit further and sure enough, there was an editorial comment essentially iterating the same thing! The other thing I appreciated were your quizzes! Well posed questions about clinically relevant information that was also easy to find if I had to look back at the review. I will definitely be doing more online courses with RRS!
    Dr. Jen Harrison
    Calgary AB
    Active Back To Health Centre

    I would like to take this opportunity to say how grateful I am for your education program. I find your Online Courses well organized and informative. The information is important and relevant to my clinical practice. Also, I am at a stage in my life where family commitments prevent me from making it to seminars as I used to, so it is such a relief to be able to use your service. I love to read and learn (especially without having to search for the best papers myself!) and I can take your courses in the wee hours of the morning if I want to. The information I gain definitely helps shape the way I practice. I think it is in the best interest of our patients to be as evidence-based as possible, to use the literature to guide our intuition, and I find your quizzes fun too!
    Dr. Elizabeth Kauric
    Windsor ON
    Wyandotte Chiropractic

    If you are looking for structured CE credits this is the place to get them. RRS Online CE Credit Courses program is an excellent way to get the most up-to-date evidence on clinical practice that is directly applicable Monday morning. Each course includes several reviews on current literature that you are tested on to assure understanding of each course. I highly recommend these online courses to anyone looking to stay up to date on evidence-based care. Dr. Thistle has outdone himself, yet again, with these concise, topic-focused, online CE credit courses. For clinicians looking to provide the best care to their patients, they are a must have.
    Dr. Adam Wade
    Newmarket ON


    For $20, you certainly get value for your dollar. Congratulations….well done.
    Dr. Geoff Gelley
    Winnipeg MB
    Gelley Chiropractic

    In-Person Seminars

    Dr. Rod Overton – Adelaide Family Chiropractic

    The references throughout this program were very current and the information was very practical and useful. Dr. Thistle’s presentation was engaging and entertaining!

    Dr. Peter Wise – Wellness House

    This Seminar was a perfect balance of research application and clinical procedures to use in practice on Monday morning

    Dr. Thistle’s seminars are a cut above the rest. His painstaking attention to the qualitative and quantitative data along with his insight and approach to bringing it all together in an 8-hour format makes his seminars the finest in the industry. I would highly recommended Dr. Thistle’s Seminars for the ultimate in chiropractic education. I look forward to tapping into his educational tools to continue to learn in hopes of being a more informed and educated chiropractor. Thanking you sincerely,
    Dr. Kapil Deswal


    This was my first in person RRS Seminar and it surpassed my expectations! Listening to literature being summarized for 8 hours proved to be shockingly engaging, thanks to Dr. Thistle. The course layout, content and breaks were all perfectly planned to keep the material interesting. I absolutely learned useful information I will integrate into my clinical practice. This will not be my last Seminar with Dr. Thistle!
    Dr. Katie Sellars
    Sellars Wellness

    A great learning experience with comprehensive information I can implement into care for my senior patients. Overall, a great review of the current state of the research!
    Dr. Jenna Spencer
    Saginaw Chiropractic

    An engaging, informative and clinically-applicable day! RRS Education Seminars are a ‘must’ for practicing chiropractors and all manual therapists!
    Dr. Joy McNichol

    Shawn is able to summarize research and transfer knowledge in a concise, meaningful way that is immediately applicable on Monday morning!
    Dr. Stefano Bozzo

    The continuing-education courses – in person or online – offered through RRS Education have been the most clinically-relevant and applicable over the years…highly recommend!
    Dr. Phil McAllister
    Forward Health

    Another incredible Seminar delivered by Dr. Thistle! He is a dynamic and engaging speaker who presents large amounts of current and relevant information while keeping the presentation entertaining. I always look forward to hearing Shawn speak and it is great to be back at in person events!
    Dr. Kirsten Bryson
    Revive Performance & Health

    RRS Education is an excellent way to stay up to date on relevant health care information. Dr. Thistle is entertaining, has in-depth knowledge of important research and combines this with his clinical experience to help anyone improve their patient care!
    Dr. Teac Engen

    Being back at in person seminars again was such a treat! Shawn is a truly engaging speaker, with passion and knowledge that are second to none! Older & Bolder was incredibly comprehensive, approaching elderly patients in a ‘whole person’ manner from a number of perspectives. It reinstated my confidence in treating this underserved population!
    Dr. Emily Cugnet-Huber
    Encompass Sport Therapy

    RRS Education never disappoints! Another informative and engaging seminar that is highly relevant to daily practice! I always appreciate Shawn’s ability to provide the latest research in a practical and understandable way…highly recommend!
    Dr. Rebecca-Jane McAllister

    I have really enjoyed Dr. Thistle’s courses in the past few years (both online and now in person). I always find his presentation style to be entertaining, applicable, and relevant to daily chiropractic practice. I always look forward to his upcoming content and seminars!
    Dr. Baxter Hickey
    The Chiropractic Tutor

    Dr. Thistle is a fun and dynamic presenter. He is a wealth of knowledge and presents in an easy and understandable way. This is my third course with him, and I would highly recommend his seminars!

    Dr. Amanda Lee
    Bloom Family Wellness

    RRS Education Seminars are always my first stop for my CE requirements. I always leave wishing there were more of these in-person seminars!
    Dr. Neil McLeod

    Whenever Dr. Thistle comes to Thunder Bay, I can’t wait to register and attend! He presents information and content in such an organized and easy to digest manner. I always learn so much from his seminars and the research is always current and well-summarized. If you’ve never attended an RRS Education Seminar, you are truly missing out! I would recommend these to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and serve their patients in the best way possible.
    Dr. Shaylin Prout
    Northwoods Health Centre

    ‘Older & Bolder: Chiropractic Care for Healthy Aging’ was full of clinically relevant information, presented in an interesting, informative seminar. It was well worth my time to attend!
    Dr. Sheri Robertson
    Cornerstone Clinic

    Shawn is always enthusiastic and energetic in his presentations. His insights into managing osteoarthritis in both short and long-term timeframes were helpful and immediately applicable.
    Dr. Michael Pustina

    Shawn makes data and research fun and interesting. When I see one of his courses available, I take it!
    Dr. Nikolai Kreps
    Thunder Bay ON

    Dr. Thistle covers a lot of ground in this program. I always enjoy RRS Seminars because they help me provide patient-centred and up-to-date evidence-based care in the clinic on Monday!
    Dr. Amanda Mithrush
    Cornerstone Clinic

    I was fortunate enough to attend Dr. Thistles’ Seminar, ‘Chiropractic Care for Disc Patients’ this weekend. Having been in practice for 20 years, I’ve attended countless continuing education seminars of various topics from some of the leaders in Chiropractic and other healthcare professions. This seminar proved to be one of the most informative and applicable to everyday practice.

    Dr. Thistle curated the research surrounding disc patients into precisely what clinicians need and want to know regarding patient presentation, effective treatment and prognosis. He provides the most current research available; includes just enough data to satisfy the statistic junkies while keeping the rest of us entertained and engaged!

    Dr. Thistle is a charming, charismatic and entertaining speaker who has a warmth of character that easily disarms a room, creating what he calls a ‘chiropractic safe space’! It is obvious that he is passionate about educating clinicians, promoting evidence-based practice and supporting Chiropractors.

    Shawn is a leader in our profession and respected around the world for his knowledge, character, and work. If you ever have an opportunity to attend his seminars, I highly recommend you do so. You will not be disappointed you spent the time to attend.
    Dr. Kerri Brooker
    Team Chiro

    Dr. Thistle is a great speaker who keeps your attention. Very knowledgeable in his field and I learned a lot of new information I can use to enhance my practice.
    Dr. Dana Gleeson

    Very good attention to detail, both in the material and the way it is presented. Your ability to compile research for us as a profession and relay it in a way we can use in practice is terrific. Thank you for coming to Thunder Bay and please return!
    Dr. Shane McCormack

    Dr. Thistle does an exceptional job of summarizing the best available evidence and delivering in a compact day of learning. A day of discussing research may not seem to be an ‘ideal Saturday’, but Shawn has an entertaining way of delivering the content that makes his seminars a must for all practitioners…well done doc!
    Dr. Zack Souckey

    Dr. Thistle has an excellent command of the research that, to be evidence-based, we must acknowledge and incorporate into practice. This seminar provides information that stimulates thought and discussion, lots of which can be used in the office Monday morning.
    Dr. Andrew Holland

    Shawn is thorough and very informative and takes a high degree of care in the accumulation, processing and presentation of this information…highly recommend!
    Dr. Angela Vandewalle
    Family Chiropractic

    Really enjoyed this seminar! Lots of great, clinically-relevant information on an important topic.
    Dr. Michelle Cassells
    Hamilton Family Chiropractic

    Dr. Thistle takes dry research data and translates it in an informative, practical way. As a biology professor, I especially appreciated his extensive anatomical, physiological and biological knowledge. His seminars are jam-packed with clinical ‘take-homes’!
    Dr. Jory Basso
    Hybrid Health & Fitness

    Excellent seminar! Dr. Thistle teaches useful information and summarizes current research that we can utilize in clinic immediately.
    Dr. Shaun Demeris
    Carriage Square Chiropractic

    Thanks for a great day of information! Shawn has a gift for making the research accessible and applicable for everyday practice. He is very approachable for questions, and I enjoyed listening to his clinical and medicolegal perspectives as well.
    Dr. Carole Smith
    Your Health & Wellness Centre

    I now feel more clinically competent to assess, diagnose, treat and explain disc herniation and the status of current and future research to my patients.
    Dr. Nicole Ciraolo-Wilson
    The Health Centre Integrative Therapies

    Lots of valuable information condensed, organized and presented effectively. Dr. Thistle captivates the audience. It’s always a great experience partaking in his seminars!
    Dr. Ashleigh Stableforth
    Headwaters Physiotherapy

    Fantastic day of informative content. As always, Shawn is engaging, funny and has a wealth of knowledge.
    Dr. Tim Mandzak
    Mandzak Chiropractic

    These courses are clear, concise, entertaining and absolutely clinically-relevant. You MUST attend!
    Dr. Demetry Assimakopoulos
    Pain & Wellness Centre

    Great day! The content was delivered in an easy-to-understand manner and clinical applications were made throughout the day. I would highly recommend you take the seminar to get up to date on the latest, best research available. Shawn and his team do the research for you and summarize the topic(s) in an interesting format. Thank you for putting these seminars together for the profession and everyday practitioner!
    Dr. Luciano Di Loreto
    Fit for Life Wellness & Rehab

    Continuing-education can be intimidating, expensive, a waste of time, or all the above. With Shawn, you get a full day of relevant and up-to-date information that you can apply in practice every day. It’s entertaining and interesting…worth every penny!
    Dr. Murray Townsend
    Mount Forest Chiropractic

    One of the best seminars to attend for cutting edge info that can be immediately applied to your practice. Shawn is brilliant at what he does!
    Dr. Michelle Gross

    Shawn was fantastic! I would highly recommend his courses! Great guy! Great speaker! I thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Dr. Frank Fascinato

    Wonderful seminar! Dr. Thistle can walk the fine line and find balance between research and practical application. Material which could be very boring is presented in a highly palatable and entertaining manner.
    Dr. Paul Vagners

    I have been to multiple RRS Education Seminars and always find them beneficial. The comprehensive content allows you to practice with greater confidence and certainty that you are providing the highest level of care for your patients.
    Dr. Daniel Kay

    My gratitude for spending the countless hours to keep us evidence-informed for clinical practice. I appreciate your thoroughness, attention to detail and dedication to the profession.
    Dr. Kelli Blunt

    Thank you, Dr. Thistle, for providing a relevant and clinically significant seminar on a topic that is commonly seen in practice!
    Dr. Lindsay McMullen

    Every time I come to an RRS Education Seminar I leave with a lot of motivation and confidence I can help my patients even more!
    Dr. Ariane Desmarais
    Centre Chiropractique Desmarais

    Very informative and saves many hours behind a desk keeping up to date…highly recommend!
    Dr. Peter Wise
    Wellness House

    Clinically relevant information presented in an easy-to-understand way. You made research interesting and easy to implement in practice – no easy feat!
    Dr. Lyndsay Clement

    Wow! What a great Seminar! Shawn is not only a great speaker, but also very informative. He made research interesting and applicable to my practice. I’ll definitely be at his next Ottawa event!
    Dr. Erika Castonguay
    Meadowlands Wellness

    This was my first RRS Education Seminar. Shawn is an excellent and entertaining presenter. Great job summarizing current literature on chiropractic care of disc patients!
    Dr. Leonard Handley

    I appreciate all the updated information to better explain to my patients their situation and treatment options. I’ll definitely be changing some of my examination forms in order to improve my documentation. I always enjoy the day of learning and improving – thank you for helping me be a better chiropractor!
    Dr. John Schneider

    The content presented in this seminar was comprehensive and well-researched. I will undoubtedly practice with greater confidence with disc patients – thank you!
    Dr. Douglas Cameron
    Saginaw Chiropractic

    Thank you, Shawn, for a very interesting Sunday! The review was excellent, and I will be using the ‘new to me’ information tomorrow morning!
    Dr. Evie Papadimitriou

    The ‘Chiropractic Care for Disc Patients’ Seminar was a great boost for my clinical knowledge and has given me a renewed awareness as I head into practice this week. Shawn’s lecture style is educational, entertaining and articulate. I would highly recommend his seminars to any of our colleagues looking to further their continuing-education.
    Dr. Peggy Malone
    Better Habits Better Human

    Very professional and well-presented, as always. I have been coming to Dr. Thistle’s seminars for years and have never been disappointed.
    Dr. Marshall Thompson
    Thompson Chiropractic

    Concise, real-world, evidence-based information taught in a very simple format to take into practice in the days and weeks to come – highly recommended for all DCs!
    Dr. Phil McAllister
    Forward Health

    Excellent way to get a concise update of the most recent research with a practical, clinical approach. It’s great to receive information that is straightforward, to the point, and not biased.
    Dr. Christina McGlashan
    River Oaks Chiropractic & Wellness

    Dr. Thistle presents a very thorough, clinically relevant seminar using the most up-to-date research. I highly recommend this seminar to all practicing chiropractors!
    Dr. Michael Ienna

    Dr. Thistle is a very informative lecturer, using the right amount of time on each subject and always keeping it interesting!
    Dr. Brittany Dunlop
    Noad Chiropractic Clinic

    Fantastic information and clinically relevant. It can feel daunting to keep up with the vast amount of research with a busy practice and family life. Shawn has condensed all the most important information for us – amazing!
    Dr. Shawna Green
    Back to Health

    This seminar provided evidence-based clarity regarding what’s important and what isn’t when diagnosing and managing disc patients. I feel more confident now to provide individualized patient communication and treatment and hopefully enhanced results!
    Dr. Elizabeth Kauric
    Wyandotte Chiropractic

    Shawn does such a great job combining practical clinical information with current research and practice guidelines. This really helps me gain confidence that I am doing my best for my patients. He makes research fun!
    Dr. Shannon Paul
    Pemberton Valley Wellness

    Shawn is a tremendous presenter, providing clinically relevant and important research in an engaging and lively way. Never has research been so interesting! Excellent research-based discussion on a topic that is difficult to research – visceral effects of chiropractic. Likewise, a great summation of osteoarthritis research as it pertains to clinical practice.
    Dr. Heather White
    Valleyview Chiropractic

    Excellent seminar! The content is both evidence-based and clinically relevant with added bonuses of clinical ‘pearls’! Shawn delivers in a fun, interesting manner…highly recommend these seminars!
    Dr. Peggy Howard
    Pemberton Valley Wellness

    Dr. Thistle’s seminars are fantastic – succinct, interesting, and full of practice-improving information. The topics are pertinent to what is currently going on in chiropractic and they enhance your knowledge base. As well, Shawn is a great and extremely entertaining presenter!
    Dr. Heather Lawrence
    Impulse Sport Therapeutics

    This Seminar had it all – great, relevant content, engaging presentation style and good food!
    Dr. Lori Darroch
    Calgary AB

    Great Seminar Shawn! I love your presentation style and ability to assimilate the literature and boil it down into easy, digestible pieces and make it relevant for me to use Monday morning with my patients.
    Dr. Gord McMorland
    National Spine Care

    I think Shawn is the only person I would willingly sit for 8 hours and listen to about research. Entertaining, clinically-relevant and a great seminar as usual!
    Dr. Damen Jodoin

    I appreciate the information and research material provided to use in my future correspondence with referring medical doctors in my practice. Thank you for the lively discussion and the quality of your seminar material.
    Dr. Meena Narayan
    Ellerslie Chiropractic

    Outstanding presentation – very pertinent and well-presented. This should be required for all DCs!
    Dr. Robert Cumming
    Active Back to Health

    This was my second RRS Education Seminar. I find these reviews informative and current. They are supportive of what I deal with on a daily basis in practice.
    Dr. Robin Scholz
    Westside Chiropractic

    I came for the CE credits, but would certainly recommend! I found the seminars clinically challenging, with lots of food for thought relevant to everyday practice. I also enjoyed your communication style!
    Dr. Douglas Reid

    Dr. Thistle gives a fast-paced, education-packed seminar that leaves you asking questions and reading more. He is a great advocate for our profession and teaches our most effective treatment technique, communicating with our patients!
    Dr. Tyler Damen
    Damen Optimal Health

    I found the information presented in today’s lectures current and informative, presented in a clear and concise format with a bit of humour to keep us on our toes! Thanks Shawn!
    Dr. Melanie Chan
    Regent Health Centre

    I’ve attended several of Dr. Thistle’s seminars and have always found the information up to date, informative and clinically relevant.
    Dr. Dan Higgins

    Your seminars are always informative – already a few things I can use Monday with my patients!
    Dr. Andrew Bajaj

    Shawn’s easy-going demeanour makes him a pleasure to listen to and follow. He is extremely accommodating and approachable with an attention to audience involvement. I look forward to future RRS Education Seminars!
    Dr. Jon Stephenson

    If you want a current evidence-based approach to your practice, you can’t go wrong with anything Dr. Thistle puts together. A great mix of research and clinical approaches that can be implemented into practice on Monday. I can’t recommend these seminars enough, and there is great food to boot!
    Dr. Tyler Darrach

    I had the pleasure of taking the course ‘Neck Pain: A Contemporary Clinical Approach’, presented by Dr. Shawn Thistle. As a relatively new Physiotherapist it is quite easy to become overwhelmed by the constant barrage of new research in our field. Dr. Thistle does an excellent job of reviewing recent and relevant research while presenting it in a concise and well-organized manner. This helps any practitioner stay current, educated and clinically sound. The comfortable location, gourmet food, intimate discussions and relevant information created an environment conducive to attaining a valuable portion of knowledge. Highly recommended!
    Kevin Villafana MScPT
    SHAPE Toronto

    Thank you so much for doing this. It saves us so much time while keeping us accurate and up to date with what is coming out in the current literature!
    Dre. Ariane Desmarais
    Centre Chiropractique Desmarais

    This Seminar was a great link between the actual state of research knowledge and real clinical practice!
    Dre. Patricia Desmarais
    Centre Chiropractique Desmarais

    Nobody brings the worlds of research and clinical practice together better than Dr. Thistle!
    Dr. Colin Campbell
    Nepean Active Health Centre

    Dr. Thistle was comfortable and engaging as a speaker, very easy to listen to, approachable and open to questions.
    Dr. Frank Baliko
    Core Health Care

    RRS Education Seminars are an excellent way for the busy clinician to stay up to date on current literature. I would highly recommend without reservation to incorporate these learning opportunities to stay evidence-informed and provide best practices in your clinic.
    Dr. Edward Shin

    Well organized and great presentation skills! Shawn summarized an abundance of information into clear, concise notes, perfect for a one-day course on concussions and headaches.
    Dr. Ashleigh Stableforth
    Headwaters Physio

    Thank you for a great lecture on the evidence regarding concussions and headaches. You did a great job summarizing the best evidence and presenting both background science and clinical applications. The notes and additional references will be a great resource.
    Dr. Brynne Stainsby

    A very informative and clinically relevant seminar. Shawn takes the time to cover the research and gives us the most important information for chiropractors today.
    Dr. Yuri Charko
    Pivot Sport Medicine

    This was a great compilation of the latest research on a very pertinent topic. It was delivered in an organized manner and I would highly recommend all healthcare providers take a Seminar through RRS Education!
    Dr. Luvraj Sandhar
    Sujok Homeo Clinic

    Shawn is an entertaining and down-to-earth lecturer – very up to date and informative, yet accessible. The lectures were concise, informative and enjoyable – worth spending the day away from my family – thanks Shawn! The food and facility were outstanding as well!
    Dr. Mardi Charlton
    Beach Chiropractic

    Excellent seminar, excellent venue, excellent food (and jokes!). I will be back!
    Dr. Larry Smith

    Dr. Thistle is a very intelligent speaker who provides practice-friendly information in an easy-to-follow format, while always being willing to encourage participation and questions from all in attendance!
    Dr. Kevin Morrison

    I enjoyed this course overall and appreciated the emphasis on discussing research, especially relevance to clinical application. I also very much appreciated his touching on other manual therapy providers!
    Mari Udarbe (Physiotherapist)

    Shawn continues to show an in-depth understanding of the current literature, and offers an enjoyable opportunity to become further educated on pertinent topics – always appreciated!
    Dr. Jennifer Fawcett
    Bayside Wellness

    Always a very informative day! Great job Dr. Thistle! I always find this a great way to get up to date on clinically relevant knowledge that can be applied on Monday.
    Dr. Graham Kucan
    Kucan Clinic

    Excellent continuing-education! This service keeps each of us informed in the chiropractic profession!
    Dr. Kim Gillies

    Shawn’s Seminars never fail to scratch my research itch!
    Dr. Jill Plantz
    Peak Performance

    I always feel more confident going back to the office on Monday after spending time with Shawn and learning from his seminar content!
    Dr. Jodie Doran

    I thought this was very informative and hosted at a great venue! A casual atmosphere with information delivered in an informative manner. Would recommend!
    Dr. Chris Yavis
    Complete Health Center

    Shawn provided a very useful, matter-of-fact presentation of research and clinical information that will help us hone our clinical judgement and certainty for our patients on Monday…thanks Shawn!
    Dr. Michael Schmolke
    Get Better Faster

    Probably the biggest compliment I can give to this course and to Dr. Thistle is that I wish every chiropractic student (in particular) should take this course, along with all of our current colleagues in practice, not to mention those we work with in treating patients with back pain. Having a better understanding of low back pain, its management and the research surrounding it will lead to better outcomes and taking this course would go a long way for many professionals.
    Dr. Kent Stuber (Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association)
    Calgary AB

    Dr. Thistle – thank you for providing the best research evidence, enabling me to care for my patients more effectively and with greater clinical certainty.
    Dr. Steve Waddell

    I haven’t been to many seminars like this where I never start to nod off or check the time constantly! Shawn was well organized, up-to-date and insightful. I will be attending again for sure!
    Dr. Jeffrey Prince
    Las Vegas NV

    This is a great opportunity for us to review current literature from all over the world. It’s suitable for new grads as well as established chiropractors who are looking to improve their approach to appraising and integrating research literature into practice.
    Dr. Sarah Blanshard

    Really informative day! A great chance to sum up all relevant research and it was presented in an enthusiastic and professional manner. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the four lectures!
    Dr. David Blanshard

    It is exciting and inspiring to leave this mini-lecture series with a renewed confidence about what our profession can do for everyday people. Shawn uses humour and common-sense reasoning to make research meaningful and applicable on Monday morning!
    Dr. Lisa Thompson
    Petrolia Chiropractic

    After being in practice for 20 years, this seminar helped me understand how current evidence supports and can influence what I do every day in my practice.
    Dr. Michael Mattinen
    Taylor Creek Chiropractic

    Great day overall! Honestly, I was not looking forward to a day of research, but you did a great job!
    Dr. Jeff Hodgins
    Sarnia Chiropractic & Performance Centre

    A highly informative and enjoyable seminar! Dr. Shawn is personable and disseminates current evidence in an easily digestible format. The food and drinks also provided a great opportunity for networking. I look forward to attending another RRS Education Seminar!
    Maggie Bergeron (Physiotherapist)

    One of the best ‘in-a-nutshell’ seminars I have taken! Current research put together in an easy format gave us bottom line, practical information. Thank you, Shawn! You are an excellent speaker and I love the humour too!
    Dr. Carolyn Dalgity

    I thoroughly enjoyed the format and found the information was discussed in a way that was very informative and interesting.
    Dr. Anne Holup

    Dr. Thistle’s seminar was precise, informative and to the point. The data from research was more detailed than presentations I have seen at conventions. The flash drive containing relevant papers and assessment forms (for concussion) is a great addition. I can see where I can utilize the information in practice immediately, especially with cases requiring additional assessment tools and methods.
    Dr. Andrew Bajaj

    An efficient and effective method to ensure your clinical knowledge is up to date, all done in a relaxed and professional environment!
    Dr. Dan Kay

    An excellent review of the current research! This is a great way to cover a lot of information in a short period of time that will directly apply to my practice.
    Dr. Holly Beckley

    Thanks for another great update, Shawn. Your information and service are indispensable, keep up the great work!
    Dr. Geoff Outerbridge
    Ottawa ON

    Today was great – very ‘needed’. It was honest and focused on what we need to do to advance the profession. Very happy to have you present it and hopefully change the way some practice…a step forward for our profession.
    Dr. Stacia Kelly
    Ottawa Holistic Wellness

    I recently attended ‘Low Back Pain: Clinical Concepts & Practice Opportunities’. I would highly recommend this seminar. Dr. Thistle has managed to unbiasedly package evidenced-based literature into a day-long course full of useful practice ideas, teachings, and discussion. The course was a great summary of all the evidence we should be utilizing and practicing on a daily basis, presented in a well-organized, small group, stress-free environment. Thanks, Shawn, for putting this together. Looking forward to future seminars!
    Dr. Mike Anning
    Sarnia Chiropractic & Performance Centre

    Every chiropractor should attend these courses! Thank you Shawn for taking the time to read all of that research and disseminate the information to us in the trenches.
    Dr. Robert Rudy
    Westside Family Chiropractic

    Once again, thank you for an informative seminar. Your review, comprehension and subsequent presentation of chiropractic-relevant research is first class. I appreciate your continued dedication to our profession.
    Dr. Mary-Ann Goldhawk-Balcom

    I found Shawn’s presentation very enlightening and it provided up-to-date information on a variety of topics. This helped keep the day less tiresome compared to seminars that focus on one subject all day. He combined research information in a format that would have taken me many hours to read on my own. He challenged some of my current beliefs, helped me understand the faults and benefits of research and that more research is needed.
    Dr. Richard Hawthorne
    Penticton BC

    As a physician treating low back pain, I appreciated the evidence-based approach and the insights I got from the chiropractic perspective.
    Dr. Richard Nahas

    This seminar was a very efficient method of receiving the research on areas relevant to chiropractic practice. I plan on attending more courses presented by Dr. Thistle.
    Dr. Daniel Vandervoort
    Ottawa ON

    Very informative! Enjoyed it thoroughly and it is clinically relatable – this information can be applied in practice effectively!
    Dr. Yako Merogi
    Toronto ON

    I am personally not a doctor who can decipher a good research study from a bad one (or a great one). Shawn does an excellent job of outlining good and valuable information from reputable research studies and at the same time demystifying some unsupported beliefs in our profession.
    Dr. Philip Mensour
    Toronto ON

    The day was great – I learned a lot! Thank you so much for doing the ‘boring’ stuff and the ‘interesting’ stuff’ for us, so we can get on with it!
    Dr. Jon Gatten
    Gatten Chiropractic Healthcare Clinic

    The content of the seminar ‘Neck Pain: A Contemporary Clinical Approach’, was very informative and detailed enough to keep me engaged for the duration of the full-day course. Reviewing the current literature will help me to feel confident in practice when working with patients with mechanical neck pain.
    Dr. Glenn Paul Uy II
    Dance Feet Custom Orthotics

    I recently attended ‘Neck Pain: A Contemporary Clinical Approach’. Dr. Thistle has searched the literature thoroughly to inform attendees of the most recent studies on cervical pain. He has done this in an unbiased fashion as he has nothing to sell. He simply wants the profession to be as knowledgeable as possible. In addition, he includes his clinical pearls and wisdom and combines them very effectively with the literature to produce practical advice to any practitioner working in the field of neck pain. I highly recommend the course. It was a very enjoyable, entertaining and informative day.
    Dr. Kim Ross
    Director of Education, Year 1, Associate Professor CMCC Toronto

    As bland and boring as research can be, Dr. Thistle makes this a practical and entertaining lecture. I was able to put into place a lot of information he spoke of first thing Monday morning in clinic. I started to relate to what Dr. Thistle had shown us to my patients, was able to do a few small changes with the way I practiced and right away I noticed a difference. I would highly recommend anyone in practice take this seminar and see for yourself how applicable research can be to everyday practice.
    Dr. Tyler Darrach

    I attended the inaugural event in Niagara Falls, ON. The experience was outstanding to say the least! Shawn does an excellent job summarizing an extensive body of research into easy-to-understand and clinically-useful information for both Physiotherapists and Chiropractors alike. He is a gifted speaker with a light, casual and intelligent delivery making it a breeze to stay engaged throughout the entire day. The setting at White Oaks Conference Resort and Spa was premier and the lunch selection was absolutely fantastic! This is truly a unique, upscale experience for all MSK practitioners. Congratulations Shawn! I look forward to being a part of your next experience.
    Mark Ruggiero (Physiotherapist)
    Ruggiero Physiotherapy

    Thank you for the jam-packed day of useful, current, clinical information on management of LBP. The information presented is useful starting Monday. I definitely will be altering management times of LBP in accordance with the research. As well, the options for effective treatment between conservative manual therapies and medical presented for LBP was clarifying and current. I feel more confident in my management of LBP with respect to evidence-based practice.
    Dr. Lynn Dowswell
    Orillia ON

    Recent awards

    2019 Chiropractor of the Year / Ontario Chiropractic Association

    Presented in recognition of his advancement of Chiropractic in Ontario through leadership, innovation and dedicated service.

    2017 Dr. Michael Brickman Heart & Hands Award / Ontario Chiropractic Association

    Honouring the memory of Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) Board Director Dr. Michael Brickman, this prestigious award is presented to the doctor who best embodies a generous and giving spirit with a remarkable passion and dedication to the precepts of chiropractic. Nominated and selected by the membership, the recipient is a chiropractor who has been an OCA member for at least ten years and has made a tremendous impact through selfless devotion to patient treatment. This individual has earned the respect of their peers by contributing to both the practice and reputation of chiropractic.

    Education and Current Roles


    Doctor of Chiropractic (Magna Cum Laude & Clinic Honours)

    from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (Toronto, Ontario) – 2004

    Certificate in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

    from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario) – 2004

    Honours Degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Kinesiology

    from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario) – 2000

    Current Roles

    CEO of RRS Education

    Research Review Service Inc.

    Guideline Executive Committee Member

    Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative (CCGI)

    Research Committee Member

    Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF)

    Part-time faculty

    Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC)

    Medicolegal Expert/Consultant

    Dr. Thistle specializes in legal matters involving chiropractors and provides clear, concise, evidence-based expert reports to assist the court. Reports can be prepared for:

    • Defendants (normally the doctor)
    • Plaintiffs (normally the patient)
    • Insurance companies
    • Lawyers or law firms
    • Relevant third parties


    • Objective, unbiased case evaluation regarding chiropractic standard of care, causation, malpractice or personal injury
    • Comprehensive, clear, professional expert reporting, supported by reference to the best current scientific research
    • Outstanding testimony and communication skills
    • Prompt communication, file review and report generation

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    A new one is posted each week with access to 1000+ reviews in the database!

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    Trusted, evidence-based continuing education hours/credits from the comfort of home or office!

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    Trusted, evidence-based continuing education hours/credits from the comfort of home or office!

    Get Learning


    Catch up with colleagues, benefit from relevant, evidence-informed content, and enjoy lunch with wine or beer in an up-scale venue!

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