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The Science of the Chiropractic Adjustment: Have we cracked the code? / 5 Credits


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Join Dr. Shawn Thistle and Dr. Simon Wang as they explore the science relating to the mechanisms of action of the chiropractic adjustment. Explore interesting scientific areas and get up to date on what we know about: joint gapping, the popping sound, neurophysiological responses, endocrine responses, brain function research, sensorimotor integration, dose-response, biomechanics and spinal stiffness, contextual factors and patient comfort…and more!

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Briefly review existing and historical models of SMT.
  2. Explore contemporary areas of scientific inquiry into the mechanism(s) of action for high-velocity spinal manipulation.
  3. Outline relevant gaps in the literature.
  4. Illustrate how this evidence relates to daily patient care.
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