February 23-25 Parker Seminars Las Vegas
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Both Sessions on Saturday, February 25th
Older & Bolder: Chiropractic Care for Healthy Aging (Part 1) / 1hr
Aging is an inevitability that awaits us all. In the years to come, our patients will demand – and be willing to pay for – conservative, evidence-based advice and interventions to help them thrive in their golden years. In this entertaining and informative session, Dr. Thistle will set the stage for the incoming “silver tsunami” that will bolster your practice, illuminating our strengths, challenges, and opportunities when serving this patient population.
Older & Bolder: Chiropractic Care for Healthy Aging (Part 2) / 1hr
In this continuation from Part 1, Dr. Thistle will review the impact of falls on the elderly and discuss how we might prevent them; explore chronic pain and musculoskeletal burden in older adults; and summarize impactful research that puts chiropractic at the forefront of healthy aging and meaningful healthcare system changes.

Saturday April 1 / 2023
Chiropractors Assoc. of Saskatchewan
Impact: Chiropractic Research Gamechangers / 2 hrs.
Our global collective of chiropractic research minds has been prolific in recent years, cranking out an amazing and unprecedented volume of impactful research. In this inspiring session, we will cover several recent studies – true gamechangers – that are impactful and relevant for your practices, our patients, the healthcare system, and the future of our profession!
Concussion: An Evidence-Based Primer for Chiropractors / 2 hrs.
Concussion in sporting environments is common, but this injury can also occur in occupational settings, motor vehicle collisions, falls, and so on. Chiropractors may see acute injuries as sideline clinicians, but also frequently encounter patients with a recent or past history of concussion. Evidence in this area is evolving rapidly in terms of best practices that all chiropractors should be aware of. This session will provide an evidence-based primer to bring chiropractors up to speed on concussion.